Siavash Katebzadeh


Who I am
My name is Siavash, also known as MohammadReza. I was born in Shiraz, a city rich in Persian culture and history, located in Iran.

What I am
I received my PhD in computer science at the University of Edinburgh, under the supervision of Prof. Boris Grot. Prior to this, I earned my M.Sc. in Software Engineering from the Department of CSE at Shiraz University, and my B.Sc. in Software Engineering from the same university.

What I do
My current research focuses on network topologies, routing, congestion control, and performance predictability in datacenter networks. Previously, I worked on exciting projects related to compilers, programming languages, and systems in high-performance computing. For more details, please refer to my brief CV here.

During my free time, I indulge in my hobbies, which include photography, playing chess, reading manga, and watching anime!


Jul 2023 I joined Huawei Technologies Research & Development as a part-time CPU architect!
May 2023 I passed my PhD viva! New chapter begins! 😊
May 2023 I will be serving as the Web Co-Chair in HPCA’24.
Mar 2023 Saba has been accepted to EuroSys’23.
Jan 2022 I will be serving as the Submission Co-Chair in MICRO’22.
Jan 2021 Hermes has been selected as a IEEE Micro Top Pick Honorable Mention!
Jul 2020 Bankrupt Covert Channel has been accepted to WOOT’20, co-located with USENIX Sec’20.
Feb 2020 Smart Priority Assignment in Datacenter Networks accepted at Yarch’20 workshop.
Jan 2020 RPerf has been accepted to ISPASS’20.
Nov 2019 Hermes has been accepted to ASPLOS’20.
Jul 2019 I attended the ACACES’19 summer school. What an enjoyable week that was!
Aug 2018 I am married to a wonderful woman! 🕺💃
Dec 2017 Our collaboration with Microsoft Research has begun.
Nov 2017 My PhD at the University of Edinburgh has begun!
Jul 2017 My MSc is finished and I graduated with Highest Distinction! 🎓
Apr 2017 We took 5th place in Soccer Simulation 2D at IranOpen 2017, Tehran.
Mar 2017 We took 1st place in Shiraz Startup Weekend (SWShiraz). Let the feast begin! :sparkles:
Sep 2016 I’m back from my internship at EPFL. My Master thesis is joint with PARSA Lab.
Jul 2016 My internship at EPFL has begun. They are awesome! :sparkles:
Jul 2016 We took 6th place in Soccer Simulation 2D at Robocup 2016, Leipzig.