Saba, Joint project with Microsoft Research
A performance-centric bandwidth allocation scheme designed for datacenter networks and optimized for bandwidth-hungry frameworks (e.g., Apache Spark).

RPerf, Joint project with Microsoft Research
An accurate performance measurement system designed for RDMA-based networks.

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A Fast, Fault-Tolerant and Linearizable Replication Protocol.

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Deterministic QEMU, Joint project with PARSA Lab, EPFL
Detection and elimination of various sources of non-deterministic behavior of QEMU.


BrainF Compiler
A modern compiler for BrainF Language, written in Rust. The compiler is designed to be one of the richest implementations of this language using various optimization techniques.

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Bigkernel, Joint project with the University of Toronto
A high-performance CPU-GPU communication pipelining scheme for big data style applications at compile-time, developed using LLVM.

FTwitter, Joint project with DA Research Group at UNSW
A rich Application Programming Interface for Twitter data manipulation, both locally and online.